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Aha širdies sveikatos mėnuo. aha Harbour Bridge Hotel & Suites, Keiptaunas – atnaujintos m. kainos

Sveikatos receptas. 80 proc. širdies ligų galime išvengti — kaip užbėgti tragedijai už akių

Friendly staff, welcoming, even the kitchen staff was the best Elliot Pietų Afrika Customer service is more than great, they are fast to attend to your needs and even go beyond expectations. They made my partner's birthday to be more than I had asked for, rose petals, the cake, champaign etc I will be forever grateful Valencia The break fast is awesome.

aha širdies sveikatos mėnuo

The facilities are good Norm Pietų Afrika The room was very clean, the food at the restaurant was tastefull and served with love from the friendly staff. Aha širdies sveikatos mėnuo also liked the space and the fact that our son, who came into town to visit us, was able to join us in the unit without extra cost as we had a sleeper couch in the living area. They handled the Covid regulations very well.

Ineta — apie santykius su Ąžuolu ir konfliktų sprendimus: keistai žiūriu į žmones, kurie viešai kalba apie begalinę meilę Ištikimiausi M.

Jacobus Indija The hotel Manager is very professional and good in what he does. He's got a passion for his job.

aha širdies sveikatos mėnuo

He is a great investment for the hotel. Keep up the aha širdies sveikatos mėnuo work! Nice pool, staff very helpful.

aha širdies sveikatos mėnuo

Restaurant was OK first couple of nights, seemed to go downhill a bit after that, not sure why. They do a wicked Dom Pedro! Breakfast staff not that attentive.

aha širdies sveikatos mėnuo

Tom Didžioji Britanija We had a lovely apartment with fantastic views. All the staff were really helpful and friendly.

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From the complimentary cup of coffee on early arrival to sorting out water taxi tickets for us. My only disappointment is that the roof top pool area is a drink free zone.

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Being on holiday from the UK, we specifically chose a hotel in the city centre with a pool so we could sit outside and enjoy a beverage. I wasn't aware of this at the time of booking and it definitely would have made me change my choice of accommodation, Arlene.

MTJ: Nežinau. Jis buvo išvežtas. Paskui bėgo iš kalėjimo per tuos miškus. Jis norėjo į Ameriką pakliūti. MTJ: Šitaip?